Monday, December 26, 2016

Last night, i had a dream about seeing Amita Buddha

One of my friend's mom is in hospice and was taken home for Christmas day to spend time with her family.
I heard about the news on facebook and wanted to chant for her.
At night before going to bed last night I chanted for her.
I then fell asleep and had a dream where i told my friend and her husband (also my friend) to chant Amida Buddha for her mom laying on the bed in front of us.
Then next thing i saw was her mom was standing up and facing us with her hands together, so my friends looked behind us and saw Amida Buddha appearing.  They were so surprised.  I then turned around and saw Amida Budda too appearing in mid air radiating rings of different color lights, each ring is a different color radiating outward.  Then Amida Buddha disappeared and I woke up.
Hopefully that's a good sign.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Buddha Collage Piet Mondian's design

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I looked up Piet Mondrian on google and read about his art and was intrigued by his famous piece of the big red square and balancing rectangles/squares around the red square.
So I thought why not use that design (as a copycat work) but instead of having just rectangles of different colors, I wanted to use my "Buddha Collage" piece in them.
After the piece was done, I was like "Nice, Buddhas appearing in different dimensions!".
I was very happy with this piece combining collage work with an already well-known design by one of the great masters.

Buddha Collage

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Amida Buddha described in Buddhist scriptures as having thousands of buddhas appearing in his rays of light which emits from his whole body.  And from those buddhas' rays of light, thousands more buddhas in each of the ray.

To properly perceive that, you would need to have superpower or having had opened your third eye.

I wanted to represent that in a collage (buddhas within his rays of light).

So I composed this one out of 46 different images of sitting buddhas (45 small ones are repeated to have total of 129 little buddhas).

Well-knowns in my world.

Photography Prints

It's a personal piece to me because they're landmarks/features of popular places that i have always heard about or seen with my own eyes.

It's meant to be a personal feel of global piece.  That's why I put the map of the world as the background.

To me it's a representation of what the world contains to me.

Winterscape collage

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I was driving with my uncle to SuperStore and on the way i saw the houses on a slope/hill with pine trees weaving between them all covered on top with snow.
It's the classic feel of winterscape.
And that piece was meant to capture that.
It reminds me of the Christmas holidays atmosphere.

Giant Goldfish Collage Process Documentation

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I thought i would do this piece to document the input images used and the outcome resulting image from my collage.
It's meant to illustrate and excite collage artists.
It documents the process of what fun can be created from different input images.
As you can see the end result is has a very different feel to the input images.  It's something new from reusing existing pieces, the sole purpose of any collage.
It's fun to look at... like elementary grade school ... 1+1+1+1+1= 5.

Giant Goldfish Collage

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We all know goldfish live in freshwater, but this giant goldfish lives in the ocean.
It's composed of 4 different fishes.
A "Frankenstein" fish as somebody on has commented.
It's a simple piece for those who are fond of pet goldfishes.