Wednesday, March 21, 2018

So I just signed up for bitcoin wallet today

Lately, I have heard about bitcoins on the news, see ads for it on facebook.
So, I suckered into searching for "How to earn bitcoins"
I searched for "How to earn bitcoins" and found Earn bitcoins in 8 different ways.
That's a lot of ways to earn bitcoins but most seemed unattractive to me except for the

Seemed like something I want to do on my spare time like doing small tasks and get paid with bitcoins for the tasks that i perform.

So next, I went to Sign up for a bitcoin wallet (blockchain wallet).
I successfully created my bitcoin wallet with 0.000 bitcoin.

I then went back to registered and entered my address (found in Copy and Share address found when clicked on Request when viewing my bitcoin wallet).

Then I clicked on do tasks on  Sadly, to my disappointment there were no available tasks to do.

If it did work, it would be great.  I imagined it would be like amazon's mechanical turk where you make pennies as you perform tasks that required some human intelligence which are extremely hard for computers to do while quite simple for human to do.  That's what I was hoping for since Amazon's mechanical Turk only accepts U.S. workers and I am Canadian. would be a great framework for the rest of world to do tasks like Amazon Mechanical Turk.

I guess I'll check back on once in a while to see if any tasks are available for me to do since I have a blockchain wallet now.  But that could be a while (Crossing my finger).

Sunday, March 11, 2018

I have been a fan of Saka Truong Tuyen for a while now.

She sings Vietnamese country music but I like her dance songs.
This is one of my favorites that's on my playlist.
It's great to play as background music with a beat for when I am spending time playing with image manipulation in GIMP, writing scripts or hanging out on my forum (

Here's another one by her (that's not so dance-like), but more sad.

I've just became fan of Son Tung M-TP

I've just became fan of Son Tung M-TP, a young Vietnamese singer.
What's great he writes/composes his own songs.
It's refreshing to see/hear.

I find his songs great for my playlist for when I am playing on the computer.

This is one of many favorites, "Chac Ai Do Se Ve!" (Maybe She Will Return) Where he dreams/waits for his love to return.  He misses all things about her.  It's a sad tune but really good I find.


I suggest you give his songs a try.  Soon, you'll fall in love with his songs too.

Another one that's great in vocal is "Am Tham Ben Em" (Quietly by your side).

Give it a try. If you like these songs, you can look up his name "Son Tung MTP" on youtube for more songs.

Hopefully he comes out with more songs.  Can't wait to hear/see more from him in the coming years.

Silly dressed up cat

I thought these pics of dressed up cat was so silly.
My cousin shared them on facebook.
Here are the pics:
Cat in Chinese Costume
Cat in Asian Rich costume

Cat in Thug costume
I thought I would make it even more fun by putting them on matching theme backgrounds.
Here are my edited versions:
Cat over seeing asian field workers

Cat featuring in Asian Music Video (Son Tung MTP - Lac Troi) with matching colors (red)

Cat appearing in Music Video with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog
 I hope you enjoyed my edits and got a google giggle out it.
Thanks for visiting.


My cousin's WIP of Wakanda

I didn't even know what Wakanda was but judging from my cousin's work-in-progress (WIP) I think it's some sort of city.
So I Googled for "Wakanda" and saw that it's related to the movie "Black Panther".  Now I have seen trailers of Black Panther on the news here and there but had no clue that the city or setting was called Wakanda.
Anyways, I thought I would share her WIP here.
Cousin's "Wakanda" wip
I love the lines and shading and solid black areas.  I think this piece will be great when it's finished (actually it already feels great so far).

You might want to visit my cousin's Solfegge facebook page where she has her other works available to view and to order prints from (Just contact her for prints).

Google Auto Ads - I hope I can trust it

With Google new release of Auto Ads:

All you have to do is paste a piece of code (Google Adsense -> My Ads -> Auto Ads -> Set Up Auto Ads) to the piece of code to paste into any page you want to automatically show ads. (They say you're supposed to put in the <head> tags of your html but I think it works no matter where you put it).

I think it's much simpler than previously, since now you don't have to decide where the ads will go. You include on the page and Google's AI will decide where to put on your page.  I have observed that it's showing more ads, way more than Google's recommended number of ads shown on one page previously.

Comparing Google's Auto Ads to Ezoic (a company that also claims they use AI to optimize your ads): With Ezoic, you have to predefine where a possible ad might show so you end up defining a bunch of place holders and Ezoic then decides where to show ads.  Google's AI is better in that sense that you don't have to define where the ads go on your page, it does all that for you.

After about a week of showing Google's auto-ads on my forum (, I got a violation report complaining about me showing ads on login/register page.  This makes sense because login/register pages shouldn't show ads anyways.  My site did that because I just tossed Google's Auto-ads code into my overall header page which shows on every page.  After I got the violation I added code to exclude google ads code on login/register page.  I am a little impressed by the fact that Google was able to report register/login pages as having none or not enough content to show ads.  Maybe their AI is hard at work which is what I hope.

So far, what I have found is Google auto-Ads is show more ads, so I get a lot more impressions. Hopefully, with these data, Google's AI will improve and optimize over time to show effective ads and get more clicks instead of just showing more ads.  I hope that this is just in the beginning where the AI has no data yet so it showing ads to learn where ads are most effective depending on where the user clicks or how long an impression is viewed (if that info is available to them).

What do you think about Google Auto-Ads? Do you think you'll try it on your site/blog (oh for [this blog], I just pasted Google Auto-Ads code into an HTML/Javascript widget in Layout -> Add a Gadget -> HTML/Javascript).

If you've been using Google Auto-Ads already, what do you like about it so far? anything interesting? like more does it generate more/less revenue than your own hand-crafted ad placements (previously before Google-Ads? Please, feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, March 2, 2018